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Arthur Vinzent Clees is a young vibist, composer and producer from Luxembourg. He grew up in the small town of Esch-sur-Alzette and began his musical career early on by taking cello lessons at the local conservatory. He soon decided to switch instruments and started finding interest in percussive instruments. After several years of studying classical percussion and taking multiple theory classes in the conservatoire of Esch-sur-Alzette he started to find his way into Jazz. Through playing drums and, eventually, by picking up the Vibraphone as a main Instrument, he started exploring the endless facets of contemporary improvised music. In 2019 he was a Laureate of the Bourse Michelle and won the first prize during the drummer days in Luxembourg in 2020.


After finishing high school in 2021, he started his bachelors in Jazz Composing in Dresden, where he currently studies.


Over the years Arthur was involved in many different band projects, both as a sideman and as a bandleader. With the band Anima he won the first prize of the Hans & Eugenia Jütting Stiftung in 2022. And with the experimental avantgarde trio Das Vertikal  the first jury prize of the Livevertonungs-Wettbewerb at Dresdner Schmalfilmtage. The Kravchenko Clees duo won the first prize at the Jazz Juniors competition in Krakow in 2023, the Chamber Music Prize at the HfMDD Ensemble Competition in 2024 and has recently been granted a full scholarship for a residency program at Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity in Canada.


In addition to his studies in Composing and Vibraphone, he consistently kept working on his passion for electronic music and music production. Not only has he been making beats and mixes for other artists, including Culture the Kid, but has also released his debut album as a songwriter/producer on the Berlin based Label Macro called stay, temporary home.

Arthur is currently active as a performer, composer, arranger and producer in both modern improvised music as well as contemporary classical music.


38 Bpm - William Engelen (2019)


Orchestra recording - Orchestre de la ville d’Esch (2020)



Between Dissonance & Consonance - Jambal (2021) 

vibraphone, keys, composition 


General Culture - Culture The Kid (2021)

production, add. mixing on CVMG


Searching Rhymes - Culture The Kid (2022)

percussion, piano, arrangements


Dr. Doubt & Mr. Ego - Culture The Kid (2023)

production, add. mixing 

Jan Jelinek & Arthur Clees Live in Luxembourg - Jan Jelinek & Arthur Clees (Faitiche, mint.conception.recordingd 2023)


Enterprise of Great Pith and Moment -Jambal & Tristan de Liège (2023)

vibraphone, keys, composition, arrangement

Anima - Anima (XJazz! 2023)

vibraphone, composition


stay, temporary home - Arthur Clees (Macro 2023)

production, songwriting, performance, mixing 

Maria Prymachenko Suite - Kravchenko Clees (2024)

vibraphone, arrangement

Memories for Solo Vibraphone - Tristan de Liège (2024)

vibraphone, arrangement

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