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The origins of Jambal date back to Arthur's final years in high school. He started the band with three of his best friends, which they still are up to this day.


After their first EP between dissonance & consonance in 2020 they've been playing shows and festivals in Luxembourg and Belgium, including Echterlive!, opening for Portico Quartet and playing at the Unifest Liège

They also regulary perform and work together with their friend and rapper/songwriter Culture The Kid.

Their debut album Enterprises of Great Pith and Moment, which is a collaboration project between Jambal an L.A. based producer/composer Tristan de Liège has already amassed over 100k streams and has been featured on John Osborne's show on JazzFM UK

Trumpet - Ben Bley

Vibraphone/Keys - Arthur Clees

Bass - Rolan Eberhardt

Drums - Luca Garofalo

Visuals, Graphics - Erik Mathias

Visuals, Graphics - Cédric Weber

Instagram: jambaljoezz


Trumpet - Joel Ferrando

Vibraphone - Arthur Clees

Guitar - Lorenz Glöckner

Bass - Kevin Knödler

Drums - Samuel Dietze

Instagram: about_anima


Anima embodies human ambivalence, impulsiveness and inexplicable abstract messages, hereby representing the aesthetic and vision of the band. 


When playing, Anima tries to find its own raw expression through diffuse atmospheres, driving rhythms and emotional melodies and hence creates immersive spaces for the audience to dive into. Composition and improvisation aren't opposed to each other, but merge together into an experience that uses a broad dynamic and climatic range.

Their debut album will be released end of 2023 on XJazz! and features artists such as Tendayi, Paco Georg Fleischfresser and Eva Swiderski.


Through the synthesis of self-created structures and textures, the band DAS VERTIKAL creates music, that cannot be decribed as a single genre.


The trio focuses on distancing themselves from stylistic clichés and traditional structures. The resulting syntax is achieved through a strong interplay filled with emotional momentum and energy. The collective experiments with different approaches while composing and improvising which leads to a new and innovative listening experience.


Attending all the same music school, the trio met in Dresden and has since played at several venues in and around the capital of Saxony.

Vibraphone - Arthur Clees

Bass - Simon Kuban

Drums - Samuel Dietze

Kravchenko Clees Duo

Vocals - Kateryna Kravchenko

Vibraphone - Arthur Clees

The Dresden-based duo consisting of Luxembourgish vibraphonist Arthur Clees and Ukrainian vocalist Kateryna Kravchenko are experimenting with refreshing ways to set poems to music, improvise, and explore different sound palettes with the unique combination of their instruments.

The two musicians met at the Hochschule für Musik Dresden were both are still studying. After having played multiple concerts at venues such as Sachstall and Waldschänke Hellerau and having appeared on the podcast Hören. Ein Kulturpodcast they decided to compose and rehearse a completely new set with original tunes only.

Over the next months, the duo will be playing across Europe, including venues in the Netherlands, Czechia, Luxembourg and Germany.

The Duo recently won the Grand Prix at the international Jazz Juniors competition 2023 in Kraków.

Arthur Clees (Production)

"Less is more" – the motto applies to Luxembourg's most intriguing newcomer Arthur Clees, whose approach is minimalist, rich, hypnotic. Clees is a young prodigy drummer / percussionist / vocalist with a multitude of performances and sessions under his belt. The 21-year-old musician manages to inspire very different people with his tracks. No Wonder: There's both depth and a tremendous upward pull at the same time.

In his debut album, Stay, Temporary Home, influences from Techno to Electronica to the Avant-garde are paired with a distinctive feeling for melodies and a signature treatment of percussion. Soul and R&B songs often appear as sonically distant yet emotionally close mirages. In addition, slightly altered vocals, hearty yet reductionist beats and a detuned piano reminiscent of your favourite aunt's Sunday cookies come in – a mixture that an incredible number of people can agree on at the moment.

- Stefan Goldmann (Macro)

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